Prizes and honours

Member, Academia Europaea 2023

Honorary Member, Swedish Basal Ganglia Society (SWEBAGS) 2023

Lashley Award (American Philosophical Society) 2019

Gruber Prize 2018

Brain Prize 2017

Fellow EMBO 2014

Zülch Prize 2013

EJN FENS Award 2010

Fellow Royal Society 2009

Ipsen Prize 2005

Golden Brain Award 2002

Theodore-Ott-Prize 1997

Ellermann Prize 1984

Named Lectures

Keynote Lecture, Baltic Nordic School of Neuroscience, Univ Krakow 2022

Keynote Lecture, Ann Swiss Neurosci Meeting, Univ Fribourg 2022

Opening Plenary Lecture, Dopamine Meeting, Montreal 2022

AV Hill Lecture, Univ Cambridge 2021

Presidential Lecture, FENS Regional Eastern Europe (virtual) 2021

Skinner Lecture, Assoc Behav Analysis Int (virtual) 2020

Waelsch Lecture Columbia Univ 2019

Swammerdam Lecture Utrecht 2018

Gruber Prize Lecture SfN San Diego 2018

Zülch Lecture Berlin 2018

Keynote Japanese Psychol Assoc Sendai 2018

Volker Henn Lecture Univ Zürich 2018

Brain Prize Lecture FENS Berlin 2018

Ruysch Lecture Univ Amsterdam 2018

Terry Lecture WashU St. Louis 2018

Erlanger Lecture Exp Biol San Diego 2018

Sprague Lecture UPenn Philadelphia 2018

Dean for Science Lecture NYU 2018

Caltech Chen Lecture 2017

Yale Endowed Lecture 2017

Colegio Nacional Mexico 2016

Plenary Lectures Int Congr Psychol and JNS Yokohama 2016

EBBS Prize Lecture FENS Copenhagen 2016

Distinguished Lecture Pharmacology Univ Toronto 2015

Zülch Lecture Göttingen 2015

Qi Zhen Global Lecture Hangzhou 2014

Brenda Milner Lecture McGill Univ Montreal 2014

Ting-Kai Li Lecture San Francisco 2012

Woolsey Lecture Madison 2012

Eli Lilly Lecture Univ Montreal 2011

Mars Lecture Florida 2011

Kavli Lecture Soc Neuroecon Evanston 2010

Roger Brown Louks Lecture Seattle 2009

Netherlands Cognition Lecture Amsterdam 2008

Paul Flechsig Lecture Univ Leipzig 2006

Presidential Lecture Biol Psych Atlanta 2005

Pfizer Lecture SfN San Diego 2004

Special Lecture JNS Osaka 2004

Teuber Lecture MIT 2001

NIH Director's Lecture Bethesda 1999

EBBS ENA Lecture Strassbourg 1996

Brooks Lecture Harvard 1993